Partnership Interests

Quick! Sell it before it allocates!


We have clients who can purchase Canadian partnership interests that have significant potential income. A personal sale of your partnership interest – before ordinary income is allocated by the partnership – can provide funds to you subject only to capital gains tax: and even then, if you haven’t used your capital gains exemption, can provide tax free funds to the extent of your available capital gains exemption. Either way, it’s a great way of cutting your tax in half or eliminating it (if you have unused exemption) for your personal account. Contact us at and we’ll provide you the details – and our client’s offer. You will benefit from our legal advice, and our client will even pay for your other professional advisors to ensure everything is tickety-boo!

Partnership Interests are usually Capital Property and their sale attracts Capital Gains Tax, not Income Tax. Capital Gains rates are half of Income Tax Rates