Voluntary Disclosure Program

Making the Best of a Harrowing Situation


The Canada Revenue Agency has established the Voluntary Disclosure Program for those who have neglected to file their tax return(s), provided CRA has not contacted them first about filing a return. Taxpayers can apply to VDP and thereby avoid the imposition of penalties. Furthermore they may also be able to lower interest payable.

There are two tracks to the VDP program: Limited and General. The limited is for the taxpayer or a related party may appear to be intentional in their non-filing. In this case penalties, although not gross negligence penalties, will apply as will interest in full.  The General category is for all other voluntary disclosures.  CRA has information on the program here.

As tax lawyers we can prepare your application for Voluntary Disclosure, and have preliminary discussions with CRA to ensure you can be accepted. Once we have some assurances from them that they will take your situation into the program, and from you that your disclosure is complete, we can make it happen and give you a worry free future, at least about your potential tax problems.

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